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Head to my Instagram and Facebook feed to view some of my most recent treatments.

Read on below for a detailed example of a major treatment I completed in 2020:

During 2020, the year that none of us will ever forget, I treated this early 17th Century painting Portrait of Pope Leo XI, oil on canvas, 1280 x 950 mm.


Hailing from the House of Medici, but already an elderly man in 1605, Pope Leo XI's papacy was the shortest in history. He contracted a fever during the long, cold ceremony of his coronation, and died soon afterwards. He was Pope for just 27 days, from 1-27 April 1605. However, his image lives on in this early 17th Century portrait. Pope Leo XI's portrait was covered in discoloured varnish and old retouching, and the 19th Century lining had deteriorated and needed replacing. Working over the course of 2020, I cleaned this painting, removed the lining and relined the canvas, and inpainted the lost areas. Scroll down to see some pictures of this treatment.

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