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As a practicing conservator and researcher, I have published various articles and book chapters.

Most recently, I published a Reflection for the Castlemaine Art Museum (CAM) about my recent treatment of a Dora Meeson painting.


My other contributions to the CAM Reflections series (Part 1 and Part 2) are about two small French paintings in the CAM collection by John Longstaff.

A selection of my previous publications is listed below.

Bancroft, A., Nunn, C., and Richardson, C. 2016 ‘The Conservation of Two 19th Century Thai Buddhist Banner Paintings in a secular museum’, 8th International Lay Buddhist Forum (ILBF): Caring for the past, safeguarding the future: Buddhism, Heritage and Sustainability Preprints, 19-23 August 2016, Buddhayana, Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra Indonesia.

Nunn, C ‘Conservation issues and the use of absorbent supports in the works of E. Phillips Fox (1865-1915)’, ICOM-CC 17th Triennial Conference Preprints, Melbourne, 15-19 September 2014, ed. J. Bridgland, art.1311, 8 pp. Paris: International Council of Museums

Nunn, C "Less slick and not so clever' The materials and techniques of the Foxes', in Goddard, A.  2011, Art, Life & Love: Ethel Carrick and E. Phillips Fox, Exhibition Catalogue for the exhibition Art, Life & Love: Ethel Carrick & E. Phillips Fox, 16 April - 7 August 2011, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, pp 122-127


Nunn, C. 'Doing battle in China, Holland, Norfolk and Cambridge: The treatment of a large painting from a country house collection, Simon de Vlieger’s Blockade of Amoy (1650)' AICCM Bulletin, 2009, pp 92-100


Nunn, C ‘The conservation history of an eighteenth-century collection: caring for the pictures of the Foundling Hospital’ Journal of the Institute of Conservation, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2009, pp 233-247


Nunn, C ‘The Making of Lamplight (1911) A preliminary study of the methods and materials of E Phillips Fox’ AICCM Bulletin, No.31, 2008, pp 15-27


Nunn, C ‘Benign neglect and Australian Conservation History’ Paintings Conservation in Australia from the Nineteenth Century to the Present: Connecting the Past to the Future - Contributions to the Eleventh AICCM Paintings Group Symposium, 9-10 October 2008, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, pp 1-10


Nunn, C ‘The treatment of an un-lined eighteenth Century British painting in Australia’ extended abstract published in Conservation and Access Contributions to the IIC London Congress, 15-19 September 2008, International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, London 2008, p. 24


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