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Professional Services


All my treatments are undertaken to the highest international standards.

I'm an elected Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation (IIC) and a Professional Member of the Australian Institute  for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM). I adhere to the AICCM Code of Ethics and Code of Practice  to provide best practice, ethical work. I am fully insured for professional indemnity and public liability through the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA). My secure premises are protected with monitored alarm systems and I can provide insurance for artworks in my care.

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Over time, paintings crack and this can lead to paint loss. Adverse environmental conditions, water damage or inherent vice are usually the culprits. I have the skills and equipment to safely secure and repair damaged paint, ensuring long term stability.

Varnish removal

Paintings require periodic removal of discoloured varnish and accumulated surface dirt. Cleaning can be one of the most difficult treatments to perform. Results can be dramatic and rewarding, but it's not a process to be undertaken lightly. I have the experience to complete cleaning treatments safely and appropriately.

Paint consolidation

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Canvas and panel repair

Accidents happen, sometimes leaving canvases torn or panels split and damaged. I can repair tears in canvas paintings and I am one of the few conservators in Australia trained in the structural treatment of panel paintings, having learnt these skills in the UK.

Inpainting refers to reconstructing areas of the painted image that are lost. My expert technical skills and well developed judgement combine to ensure that paintings in my care are restored to a level appropriate for each individual case.

Collection services 

I can provide conservation assessments of paintings for purchase, exhibition and loan. I also undertake conservation surveys of collections, and can provide advice and recommendations for the appropriate storage and display of your artworks.

Technical analysis

My skill set also includes technical analysis of paintings and interpretation of this information to provide deeper understanding of the origins, materials and techniques of paintings. I perform digital infra-red examination of paintings and have the specialist industry contacts to arrange x-radiography of paintings, and dendrochronology of European panel paintings.

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