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Images courtesy The Hamilton Kerr Institute, The National Trust (Felbrigg Hall and Upton Park) and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Professional Services


I love discovering stories about art revealed through the conservation process. This can add value to paintings though uncovering hidden details. My research is published as scholarly articles and book chapters, and I'm undertaking doctoral research on Australian artists abroad from 1885-1914. I also deliver lectures for the Masters degree program in painting conservation at the University of Melbourne.

Breadth of experience

I've restored paintings by some of the world's greatest artists, including Renoir,  Rubens, Botticelli, Canaletto, Jan Steen and John Constable. I'm also experienced in treating paintings by Australian Impressionists like Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, E. Phillips Fox, Ethel Carrick and John Longstaff, as well as modern Australian painters like Sidney Nolan, John Brack and Howard Arkley.


Inpainting refers to reconstructing areas of the painted image that are lost. My expert technical skills and well developed judgement combine to ensure that paintings in my care are restored to a level appropriate for each individual case.

Canvas and panel repair

Accidents happen, sometimes leaving canvases torn or panels split and damaged. I perform delicate thread-by-thread reweaving of torn canvases and re-joining of panel paintings, which are skills I learnt from international master conservators during my training abroad.

Paint consolidation

Over time, paintings crack and this can lead to paint loss. Adverse environmental conditions, water damage or inherent vice are usually the culprits. I have the skills and equipment to safely secure and repair damaged paint, ensuring long term stability.

Varnish removal

Paintings require periodic removal of discoloured varnish and accumulated surface dirt. Cleaning can be one of the most difficult treatments to perform. Results can be dramatic and rewarding, but it's not a process to be undertaken lightly. I have the experience to complete cleaning treatments safely and to international standards of practice.

All of my treatments are undertaken to the highest international standards. 

I provide free quotations and on-site assessments.


I also offer consultation and reports for exhibition, travel, loan and purchase of artworks.

Please contact me on 0423 731 481 or by email at cnunn.artrestoration@gmail.com